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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

We're Done...for now (pictures)

We're Done...for now (pictures)

Today was Emily's final post-op follow-up at NYU. We had a 12:30 appointment, but weren't seen until about two because it was just crazy today (Wednesdays are busy because they have cleft conferences all day long and all the NAM babies come in for adjustments). Speaking of NAM babies, I got a great picture of three of them (including Emily). Actually, Colleen Salvato (the tall blonde) got the picture on her camera. Emily is all done with visits to NYU until her palate surgery in April 2005. I'm going to miss the team and the other families I've met along the way, but I intend to stay in touch via email. Of course there will be regular blog updates on Emily's progress as she heals and begins speech therapy locally, but the hurdle of the NAM, the weekly trips, the anxiety about surgery and recovery are all over for now. Shelley asked me what I was going to do with myself now with all the extra time I have - I said I'd work another 10 hours a week!

From left to right, another baby Emily! (in red) with her parents (sorry I do not know their names!), Colleen, me (holding my Emily), Colleen's husband holding baby Zachary, Shelley Cohen, speech pathologist and feeding specialist, and Dr. Christina Carter holding Jacqueline (the second pumpkin and Zachary's twin sister)


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