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Monday, October 04, 2004

Surgery (many pictures)

Surgery (many pictures)

We brought Emily into NYU on Sunday, October 3rd, the day before her surgery because the hospital hosted a NAM workshop for visiting orthodontists and they wanted some actual patients to come in to answer questions and demonstrate an adjustment (a pseudo-adjustment in Emily's case since surgery was just 12 hours away.)

Doctors Grayson (top) and Brecht (bottom) were gracious enough to let me photograph them for the blog. Dr. Grayson did about 75% of Emily's adjustments, but we were lucky enough to see Dr. Brecht about six or seven times as well.

Dr. Christina Carter (left) and Lucy, a technician, with Emily. Dr. Carter is an orthodontic fellow studying the NAM. She has been a tremendous source of support to us.

We spent the night at an apartment across the street from the hospital. Patients can rent this apartment from Forward Face, an organization that assists families who are dealing with children who have craniofacial conditions. Forward Face maintains the apartment so that families who travel to NYU for care have a place to stay after surgery.

A mischievous Emily playing with her feet the night before surgery. This is the last shot of her all taped up.

She's out for the night and I'm ready to go to sleep. Notice we took the tapes off. It was great to see her cheeks!

One last wide smile before Emily goes in and a shot of her with the surgical nurse. She was really fascinated with the nurse's mask (she was extremely stoned because they gave her something to relax her prior to giving her anesthesia.) Dr. Carter was with her when she went under and she told me that Emily went very peacefully. She just kicked her legs gently until she fell asleep with one leg up and one leg down. I miss this smile, especially now because she's been so cranky and irritable.


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