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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

NAM Appt. #21

NAM Appt. #21

Well, after a week off it was back to NYU for Emily's weekly NAM adjustment. She did really well on the train, hardly cried at all both ways. The only time she got fussy was at NYU right when Dr. Grayson was ready to do the adjustment (of course). Our appointment was at 11:00 am, but we didn't get seen until around 1:00 and by then Emily was a fuss pot. So I asked if she could have a minute to eat (she won't eat without the NAM) and, as I suspected, she fell asleep within a few minutes of eating. We only have three more appointments at NYU after today prior to her surgery on October 4th. Our main goal right now is to stretch her columella (the piece of skin between her nostrils) as much as possible, so the adjustment focused on the nasal stents and not the main body of the NAM. Here's picture of the NAM with the stents so you can see what I'm talking about.

I spoke with Dr. Grayson a bit about volunteering my time to help create a Web site about NYU's cleft team with lots of information about the NAM. I will follow up with that after we've survived the first surgery. I would love to do that.

One excitine note about this blog - Shelley Cohen, the Speech Pathologist on the cleft lip/palate team at NYU is teaching a class to grad students this year and she's referring them to my blog in her class! (Hello NYU Students!!) Also, they've begun referring new parents to this blog which makes me really happy. I welcome any emails with questions or comments (use the link at the left).


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