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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Emily's Tapes (pictures)

Emily's Tapes (pictures)

Part of the day-to-day management of the NAM involves "making" tapes. The tapes you see on Emily's face here...

...are assembled by yours truly about every other day. I make up a bunch at once and we carry them around with us in a little baggy (like diapers, wipes, formula). She's been going through them quickly lately since she's been taking the NAM out. We're not sure if she may be teething or if she's just getting more nimble with those chubby hands.

There are two types of tapes we have to make - the kind that's on her prolabium (the piece of skin just under her nose) and the longer tapes on her cheeks. We have to attach the tape to teeny red rubberbands (elastics). The third tape you see there labelled "base tape," protects her cheeks from the Steri-Strips. They actually gave us something different at NYU to protect her cheeks, but it was difficult to handle and made her cheeks raw. The base tape she's wearing is stuff I get at CVS. It's called CVS Multi Day Use Regular Bandages (the 10 pack). I brought a box to NYU and now other parents are using it, which makes me happy.

The tapes on her cheeks keep the NAM in place, although originally they pushed her premaxilla (the segment of her upper gums where her first four teeth will come in) into place. Her premaxilla was actually out of her mouth when she was born and now it is in place and lined up with her lateral gums (the gums on either side of her mouth). Here's what the raw materials look like before I cut up the tape and attach it to the rubberbands.

And here's what the tapes look like after I get through with them...

It takes me about a half hour to 45 minutes to make this many tapes up and they can last anywhere from one to three days (depending on how creative she gets with her hands). So that's your lesson on taping! WOO HOO. This can be daunting for first time NAM-ers. Send me an email if you have any questions.


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