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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

NAM Gallery

NAM Gallery

Here is a collection of kids who used the NAM either at NYU or elsewhere. All photos are published with the permission of their parents. If you want me to add your NAM baby, send me an email.

Zachary - New York (NYU - Dr. Brecht (orthodontist)/Dr. Cutting(surgeon)

Newborn - Before the NAM

Zach with his NAM

Handsome Zach post lip repair

A great new smile!

Michael - New York (NYU - Dr. Grayson/Dr. Cutting)

Michael with his NAM


Sydney - Virginia (Dr. Maull - orthodontist/Dr. Dufresne - surgeon)

Sydney at 2 weeks old

Sydney with her NAM

Sydney's beautiful new smile.

Jamie - North Carolina - NYU - Dr. Brecht (orthodontist)/Dr. Cutting (surgeon)

Jamie Newborn

Jamie with His NAM

Jamie's handsome face.

John Jr. - Georgia - NYU - Drs. Granger and Grayson (orthodontists)/Dr. Cutting (surgeon)

John Jr. Newborn

John Jr. Day 1 with NAM

John Jr. all taped up with nose stents

Ryan - New York - NYU - Dr. Grayson (orthodontist)/Dr. Cutting (surgeon)

Ryan newborn (wearing tape prior to NAM)

Ryan with his NAM


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