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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Staying Home (pictures)

Staying Home (pictures)

We don't have to go to NYU this week because the republican convention is taking place and the city is all topsy turvy. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it's nice to get a break this week. On the other hand, it sort of annoys me that I have a very real need to be in the city (to get my child specialized healthcare), and I have to work around a bunch of rich old men. But onto happier things..

Emily's new favorite thing is to play with her feet and she has successfully gotten them in her mouth. She woke up twice last night in order to pursue this new pastime (much to my dismay).

course we got a picture of the foot thing.

Emily is a lucky girl. She's constantly surrounded by her sister and two cousins and she loves it. Yesterday Chloe, who is 4, saw Emily without the NAM in. Chloe has always told me how cute and pretty Emily is - well she looked at her and said, "where is the thing for her mouth?" I told Chloe that Emily took it out (that's another story) and Chloe looked at her and said, "She looks funny without it. I want you to put it back in." Isn't that amazing! The NAM is the norm for Chloe more than the cleft. Kids are just amazing.

Ana, Chloe and Layla sitting on the window sill in Amy's living room.

We're taking lots of pictures now with Emily with and without the NAM since her surgery is scheduled for October 4th. Her face will never be the same and in an odd way I'm going to miss her wide smiles and the face she was born with, which I will always consider beautiful.

Emily's very wide smile without the NAM in - she's 4.5 months old here


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