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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Outgrowing the Sling

Outgrowing the Sling

Emily is growing so big that I think we're going to have to retire the baby sling pretty soon. The New Native Baby Carrier is the sling I've been using since Emily was born. It's perfect for traveling around with because it folds up so small. It's also very lightweight - great for summer. I did a bunch of research about slings when I was still pregnant because I couldn't imagine going into the city once a week by myself with a newborn in a stroller. The trip to NYU is 3 hours one way door to door for me. Two hours of that commute is on a Metro North train.

Emily still fits in the sling, but it kills my back. This weekend I mostly kept her in the baby Bjorn, but I'm not sure if I want to take the Bjorn into the city when I go to NYU. The main reasons for this are that it's bulky and I have enough stuff (baby included) to lug around all day, but also because Emily sleeps comfortably in the sling on the train a lot. I bought a small stroller for Emily's NYU visits and have been bringing that in along with the sling so I have a place to put her down. It's a pain in the neck getting on and off the train, but it's worth it once I actually get into the city and the walk from Grand Central Station to NYU is nice when it's not sweltering out.


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