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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Emily, meet your crib

Emily, meet your crib

Emily slept in her car seat for about a month starting with the week prior to surgery and for the three weeks following surgery. The main reason for this was drainage in her nose. Since there was extensive work done, her nose drained a lot (particularly in the first couple of weeks post-op). Keeping her upright helped her to breathe and also helped everything drain out. She was also very uncomfortable lying flat with the arm restraints on, but seemed more relaxed sleeping in the carseat. Now that the restraints are off, we have finally reintroduced her to her crib as of today. At first she was waking up (from naps) a lot, but then I added a bunch of stuff (including the crib bumper) to make it cozier and it seems to have helped tremendously. She took a nice long nap in the crib. I also let her sit up and play in there for a while so she could get to know her crib all over again. Hooray!


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