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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Recovery Days 7 & 8

Recovery Days 7 & 8

Emily got her stitches out yesterday. They had to strap her down and Jim held her head while I held her legs and surgical resident held her upper body (three adults to hold down a 16 pound baby). It took about 5 minutes and Emily screamed the entire time, but they said she did better than most. She calmed down within a few minutes and then they put some tape across her upper lip which she will need to wear for the next 5 weeks. We don't need to do much with the tape, just replace it when it falls off which is so easy compared with the taping for the NAM it's almost laughable. Emily seems much more relaxed since they taped her lip. Jim and I speculated that she may have missed the ever present tape on her cheeks and feels a bit more secure now.

It's now Tuesday and Emily continues to do much better and seems so much more like her old happy self. She slept 11 hours last night (hooray!!) and has had no boughts of uncontrollable crying, though she did get fussy around 10:30 but calmed down quickly. She didn't nap until 12:30 and then only for about a half hour.

Here's a shot of Emily's short nap from today. You can see the new tape they put on her lip. I can't wait until it falls off so we can get a picture without the stitches.


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