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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Recovery - Day 17 (pictures)

Recovery - Day 17 (pictures)

This week has been hard. It's Emily's third week post-op so I thought it would've been a lot easier than the first two weeks, and that may be true in most cases, but Jim got sick and that left it to me to take care of both girls. Ana was still sick up until yesterday and now I have a cold. Jim's still bed-ridden since he got the stomach bug Ana had, so that leaves me with both of them, no time to work and sick myself. Emily seems to be over those boughts of inconsolable crying, for the most part though it is still hard to get her to sleep. She also seems to have caught the stomach thing too, but she's still eating so I'm going to try not to have a nervous breakdown.

Emily is looking all healed, though I know that there is stuff going on in her gums and probably her nose that is still mending. We have the arm restraints on about 80% of the time - always when she sleeps, although she's figured out how to wiggle out of them. We've been letting her go without them for short periods of the time and even suck on her fingers (sorry, Shelley) a bit as long as she's not scratching or working at the surgical area. She leaves it alone and mainly licks her fingers or plays with her bottom gums, so it seems ok. I wonder if she's starting to teethe down there. Four more days and we can finally take the arm restraints off for good! I can't wait. At that time we'll reintroduce Emily to her crib (she's been sleeping in the carseat) and to solid food - I know she's ready for real food. She watches us eat all the time and is drinking more and more formula.

Emily loves to sit up, so I put her in this tall basket and she played for a while. The high sides were perfect since they helped her keep her balance and I put some toys on the handles.

Emily still gets her baths in the sink, but we may switch to the big tub once she's sitting up better. These pictures are from 10/19/04 - she's six months old. Why the white tongue? Who knows - I'll ask her doctor about that tomorrow since she has a regular well baby appointment. She loves to stick that tongue out all the time though. Very cute.


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