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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Here's the queen holding her cup. This is such a a huge accomplishment for Emily since we basically held her bottle for the entire first year of her life (a bottle we had to squeeze so she'd get the milk). This is the first time she's really had to work on feeding herself, and she's doing a great job. She'll still refuse to hold her own cup, but she's getting more independent with it. She's started having tantrums which are so sad, but she really is learning. She was throwing the cup down if I didn't hold it, so what I started doing is leaving it in front of her when she signs "more" and walking out of the room. She'll inevitably pick it up on her own and start drinking from it if there was no one to hold it for her.

A nice shot of actual lip closure around the spout (trust me on that). Can you see the dimple near her mouth in this picture? That means she's actually getting suction. She can empty a full cup - with the valve slightly augmented - in about a half hour (she puts the cup down and picks it up a lot during this time).

Ana insisted on demonstrating that she, too, can hold her own cup.


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