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Saturday, May 28, 2005

First and Fourth Birthday Party (and Emily's Walking)

First and Fourth Birthday Party (and Emily's Walking)

Emily started taking steps last week. I mainly held her a couple of feet away from me then let go and she'd sort of walk/stagger/fall into my arms. This is a picture of Emily with her grandma - she let go all on her own then took about 4 steps into grandma's arms. This was during her and Ana's birthday party on May 21st.

A delighted Emily falls into the arms of a very proud grandma.

Here's Ana opening up a present. She had a great time at her and Emily's party and didn't seem to mind sharing the spotlight with her baby sister.

A rare shot of me (blogmistress) holding Emily. Em was very over tired and over stimulated at this point in the day, so I held her while she ate her dinner.


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