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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Palate Surgery Update & Recovery Day 1

Palate Surgery Update & Recovery Day 1

Well, the surgery was still on even though she had a cold an an ear infection, so that was a relief.

She did really well in the morning and didn't cry like I thought she would when I didn't feed her. She signed "more" a couple of times - a word she uses when she wants milk or juice, but I managed to distract her until they gave her the baby valium or whatever it is that makes them stoned before surgery. She went in at 7:30 and I walked her into the OR and watched her fall asleep. She went down peacefully and that was a relief, but oh it was hard to leave her.

The surgery went smoothly and took about 4 hours. She was sitting up in recovery when I got there and crying, but was not inconsolable. Her pain seems managable on just plain old tylenol. She ate a whopping 7 ounces of apple juice a few hours after we got to the pediatric floor and then proceeded to have diarrhea for the next few hours (oopsie). She didn't eat all night, but was on i.v. fluids. They discharged her at about 9 am and she still hadn't been eating or drinking, but we forced some watered down juice at about 3 pm and she had 3.5 ounces. After that she's been accepting watered down juice (grape juice) from a cup at an astonishing rate. I mean she's guzzling it.

What's amazing to me is that she seems so much herself already, the day after surgery. I mean, she doesn't want formula but I think she's just extremely thirsty and the juice is refreshing. I took the arm restraints off and let her crawl a bit and she was so happy - playing and stuff. She's trying to put things in her mouth already! I couldn't believe it - so back on with the restraints. She's drinking from a paper cup as though she's not in any pain.

So we'll see how the night goes, but she's wetting diapers even if she's not getting much actual food. She's a healthy 23 pounds, so I'm not worried about her wasting away or anything. I guess we'll try some different fluids tomorrow and I'll have some pictures from the last couple of days.


Blogger Darcy said...

Oh I was so happy to log on to Emily's site this evening and see a post from you!!! I've been checking for the past day and a half...knowing at this point that since nothing has been posted that surgery must have been a go! Yippeee!

I'm so glad to hear that surgery went well and more importantly how well she is doing since surgery!! Way to go Emily!!!

Know that you're in our continued thoughts and prayers!!


4/20/2005 11:03:00 PM  

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