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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ear Trouble

Ear Trouble

Emily was seen by her pediatrician yesterday as a follow up to her last ear infection. She was on antibiotics for 10 days and we waited a full 10 days for the follow up visit to be sure the infection was gone. Well, it wasn't. Both ears are filled with thick fluid and the eardrums are bulging. I feel so bad for Emily. This is one of the common issues with babies who have a cleft palate - chronic ear infections. We knew about it when I was still pregnant and I worried then, but Em was free and clear for the first four months and I'd hoped to dodge that bullet with her. Ah well.

Here she is in pre-crawling mode. She's thinking about it...will she do it??

Houston, we have lift off!!!

So back to the ear stuff. She's on antibiotics AGAIN for the next 10 days. The team ENT at NYU will look in her ears on the 30th - the same day she's got all the pre-op stuff. I just made an appointment for a hearing test which unfortunately won't get done until April 14th because I waited so long to schedule it (I originally thought they'd be doing it at NYU and then waited to long to set it up once I learned they weren't). Bad me!!! ug. The ENT at NYU will want to look at the results of the hearing test before he can recommend tubes, but at least he'll get a look in Emily's ears on the 30th and he'll have the results before her palate surgery, so I hope there won't be a delay with that. I really hope the tubes will solve this chronic fluid and infection problem and my baby will start to hear normally. More later...


Blogger Darcy said...

Oh Jackie, I'm so sorry to hear little Em's ears are still not clear. Poor girlie. I hope this course of antibiotics does it for her.

3/17/2005 11:47:00 PM  

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