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Friday, January 21, 2005

Sweet Potato Face

Sweet Potato Face

This is one happy kid. She's eating more and more at mealtime ever since the speech therapist gave us some great tips such as:

  • Sit with her for 45 minutes to an hour for EACH meal.

  • Don't be control freaks - let her hold the spoon, make a mess, and drink her formula when she wants.

  • Make it fun. Let her play with toys, give her lots of choices - different textures, colors and temperatures.

I try to stay relaxed and not rush Emily while she eats. I sit and talk with her and sometimes I read a book. I feed her cheerios (her favorite!) in between bites of baby food and I always have both juice and milk nearby so she gets practice with the cup, but can have her milk if she wants. Lots of times she'll drink some formula and then start eating solids again. I also give her toys whenever I get up and leave the table to keep her occupied and I always end with a Gerber teething cookie (another favorite). The side effect of all this table time is lots of Emily time. Ana likes to sit at her table and draw while Emily eats and it's just a very laid back, content time for all of us.


Anonymous colleen said...

Checking out the blog and this one was too cute to not comment. How adorable. She really is a sweet potato face.


3/10/2005 03:21:00 PM  

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