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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Some new firsts

Some new firsts

Emily is delighted to have stumbled upon Ana's pony. It's as though she knows she's not supposed to have it.

The coast is clear - time to see what this pony tastes like.

This is such a fun age. Emily is changing daily it seems. She got her first tooth last week. It popped through her premaxilla (the part of her gums where the first four teeth come in) on her left side. It seems fairly stable so far, but since it's so close to the cleft I worry that it'll just fall out. She's also started sitting up in her crib which is way cute in the morning and after her naps. She's moving around more, though she's not as mobile as I know she wants to be. She can creep along on her butt by pushing herself with her hands and she can also crawl backwards. She can stand for a couple of seconds unsupported, but seems reluctant to creep around furniture or toys (she'll stand and hold on forever though). She signed the word "more" for the first time this week and she says "mama" quite deliberately when I walk into the room.

When did my baby become a toddler??

I couldn't resist including this picture of Ana. I gush about Emily so much (this is, after all, her story), but I had to show off Ana's new haircut which I butchered quite nicely. I did manage to pin her down and snip that stray piece before we went out in public.


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