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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Palate Surgery Recovery - Day 8

Palate Surgery Recovery - Day 8

Emily had her one year well-baby visit today. She did very well. Her ears were all clear for the first time in months - I nearly burst into tears when Dr. Smith, Emily's pediatrician, told me that. She's lost a couple of pounds and was at 21.8 lbs (she was close to 24 before the surgery). She's also grown taller and is now 29 inches tall. She's right in the middle in terms of percentile - 50th for height and weight.

She got two shots and did very well. She didn't even cry for the first one and she only cried a couple of minutes for the second one. I guess she's gotten quite a thick skin after all the medical stuff she's been through. We gave her Benedryl only once yesterday (day 8 post-op) and that was right before bed. I didn't give her any Tylenol at bedtime and she slept very well, almost like normal. It may be because we put the humidifier on in her room (she's been stuffy and I don't know if it's left over from her cold or drainage in her nose from surgery).

Let's not forget Ana - such a great big sister. She's started telling everyone how cute Emily is (isn't my sister so cute?). I dressed her up all pretty-like for school this morning and made her pose for me.


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