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Friday, April 22, 2005

Pictures from the big day

Pictures from the big day

I gave Emily a bath in our room at Greenburg Hall (the dorm across the street from NYU - they have rooms that patient's families can rent and stay in if they want to be nearby). This is the night before her surgery. She loves to play with the running water, so I let her sit in the empty tub and play with the water for a while.

Jim's holding Emily in the waiting room right before they took us in to prepare her for surgery. It's about 7:00 am and she hasn't eaten yet, but she was very good.

I'm wearing a paper jumpsuit and Emily is all ready to go in for her surgery. She's been given something to relax her, and boy she was relaxed. She went into surgery moments after this picture was taken.

This is the day after surgery and Emily is still pretty swollen. She was discharged the next morning and we've been trying to get her to eat ever since. She's slowly taking in more food and fluid, but it's a constant source of worry.

Here's poor Ana looking very sad. She doesn't fully understand what's happening - just that Emily is taking a lot of mommy's attention and that she has a "little bit of surgery" on her face. We're going to make it up to her next week by taking her for a pony ride.


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