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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A visit with friends

A visit with friends

We spent this past Sunday visiting with the Troutmans - Tanyia (mom), Jacqueline (grandmom), Sydney (baby bunny) and Kennedy (big sister). Sydney is six weeks younger than Emily (yes, there's a big size difference) and she was also born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. Sydney wore the NAM prior to her lip repair - she was is being treated in Virginia by Dr. Craig Dufresne (surgeon) and Dr. Maull (orthodontist). But enough cleft stuff - pictures are so much more fun.

Here are the big sisters, bonding. Kennedy is a year older than Ana so of course Ana loved following her around imitating her (just like she does with her older cousin, Chloe).

Ana insisted on spraying suncreen on Kennedy. It took Kennedy five minutes to rub it all in.

A picture of the girls at the end of the visit. I couldn't get a good shot of both of them with their eyes open.

The Troutmans drove for hours for this visit and it was so exciting to see them. We met through Cleftadvocate.org (Tanyia found Emily's picture). I can't wait to get together again. Ana's already asking if Kennedy is coming to her birthday party next weekend. I wish we weren't seperated by five long hours of driving.


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