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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Halloween, Sleep Woes and Baby Food (pictures)

Halloween, Sleep Woes and Baby Food (pictures)

Emily's first Halloween went well. She was a lamb and Ana, after discarding her princess costume and her cat costume because they were "too itchy," was a bunny.

My little lamb

Lately we've been having a lot of trouble getting Emily to sleep...and to stay asleep without help from us. I think we fell into bad habits because we had to hold her so much after surgery. I can't bear to let her cry it out after she's been through so much, so Jim and I have agreed to be pretty rigid with her schedule so she knows what to expect and can get comfortable with her crib. We did that with Ana and it worked really well. Plus we kept changing things on Emily - first she slept in the car seat, then she didn't. First she had the NAM, now she has an upper lip...you get the picture. I can sort of have a sense of humor about the sleep deprivation we're experiencing now, when it's still sunny out and I've got lots of coffee in my system. But at 3 am when I'm trying to get her back to sleep for the third time in a row, I'm a blubbering mess.

Chloe (Em's cousin) and Emily

The girls from left to right - Layla, Chloe and Ana all in pink and white. Ana assured me that her bunny costume didn't itch.


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