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Sunday, July 10, 2005



A true multitasker, here's Emily eating a pretzel and waving.

After a cautious start about six weeks ago, Emily has gone from taking 6-7 tentative steps at a time to walking EVERYWHERE. She loves to walk from room to room waving and saying "bye." She's also starting to say new words such as "da da" and "cat." She can make "g" "d" "b" and hard "c" sounds. She still only has four teeth (at nearly 15 months old). I can't wait until more come in. She's making progress at night - sleeping sometimes all the way through, but still wakes up about once a night for a cuddle. She goes to sleep without a fuss now - I just lay her in her crib wide awake, tuck the blankets around her, give her a kiss and her cup with water and leave. It's amazing. She's sucking normally now (I think) - she can empty a cup with a valve in mere minutes, though the valve is slightly augmented. She's really a toddler and has begun throwing tantrums when displeased. It's so hard keeping her royal highness satisfied!


Blogger Darcy said...

"Royal Highness" huh?? We must have her long lost sister with us then. LOL. When she's not happy, and she's sitting on the floor, she throws her head to the floor, between her legs, and cries this dramatic cry and then looks up to see if you're watching her!

It's so encouraging to read how well she is doing with drinking from her cup and all the new sounds she's making!!! Way to go Emily!

7/11/2005 05:11:00 PM  
Blogger katze said...

Yay for Emily! I've been reading this blog since last year and rooting for her all the way.

7/11/2005 10:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Colleen said...

Just checked in and here's a new pic!! She's adorable, absolute perfection. As I look at her, a comment someone made to me today goes through my mind (we had post-op today), as we were waiting in Dr. Bernsteins' office, a mom, dad and girl about 8 come out. The mom looks at Zachary and says, "Is this a Dr. Cutting baby?" "You can tell by the nose" I asked if her daughter was a Dr. Cutting baby and she said, "She is now!" So we all have the 'famous' nose. Not bad at all, I say, not bad at all :) :)


7/13/2005 07:25:00 PM  

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