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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some Fun

Some Fun

Here's an artistic shot of Emily in a tutu. She was fascinated with it - I think it was the scratchy material. By the way, still not sure about the white tongue. The doctor says it's not thrush (it's not bleeding or sore). We're thinking maybe it's like that because she doesn't have a palate to scrub her tongue clean, so we've begun cleaning her tongue with a wash cloth and it's gotten a bit better.

From left to right, Grandma Janne, Emily, Chloe (Emily's cousin) and Ana

Grandma is explaining to 4-year-old Chloe that Emily doesn't have a palate (note she's pointing to her top lip). Emily is demonstrating this by arching her back and opening her mouth to grin up at Chloe and Ana (well her mouth isn't open in this shot but trust me on that).


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