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Monday, April 26, 2004

NAM Appt. #2

NAM Appt. #2

Second trip to NYU - Dr. Grayson, the team orthodontist, met with us today and showed us how to put the NAM in (NAM is an acronym for nasoalveolar molding device, which is a fancy way of saying orthodontic plate - similar to a retainer). Dr. Grayson is a quiet guy who seemed really focused on his work. Emily screamed a few times mostly because we had to hold her head still, then when the NAM was initially in she sort of made weird gag faces with her tongue. She seems to eat well and hasn't cried a lot (yet). She's slept the entire way home on the train - almost two hours.

Here's a picture of Emily the first week she had the NAM in - it looks so huge on her little face.


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