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Thursday, June 24, 2004

NAM Appt. #10

NAM Appt. #10

Dr. Grayson said Emily's columella was 4 mm on one side and 3 mm on another and the goal is to stretch it to 5 mm. Her palate hasn't begun to come together so he adjusted the NAM by flattening the top. He didn't put the nasal bridge on yet - hopefully we won't need that - it's a piece of plastic that connects the stents just beneath the tip of her nose. It would apply a lot of pressure to the columella and the reason I don't want to deal with it is because I'm afraid it will cause blisters, hurt her and generally complicate things. She was so good today. She hardly cried at all until it got later and I know she was tired. She fell asleep at 6 pm in the car and is still asleep as of 7:30. It means she'll be up early.


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